Where Does Wastewater Go?

One thing that we’ve noticed at S.O.S. Plumbing, wastewater is a topic most folks have a very limited understanding of. What does happens to your water once you’ve flushed the toilet or it goes down the drain? We thought we’d touch on that as well as discuss some of the ways you know there’s a problem.

The Wastewater Route

Wastewater has a couple of different places that it can go. The first option is that if you have a septic tank, the water goes there and gradually seeps back into the ground.

If you’re hooked onto a sewer system, the water goes to a sewage-treatment plant through the sewer system. Generally, the water coming into a sewage treatment plant will undergo several steps.

The first few steps are designed to separate out physical stuff. You’ll have screens to block larger solids and you’ll have an area where solid particles settle at the bottom. The water is filtered through sand or some other fine particulate matter. The final step is to disinfect the water, usually through chlorine, to kill any bacteria.

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Sewage Problems

There are a couple ways to see if you’ve got a sewage problem. The first is if you have a drain that frequently clogs. If you can’t figure out why your drain is slow or why a toilet keeps clogging, it might be a blockage in the sewage line.

Also, if your sinks and bathtubs back up when the toilet is flushed, this is a sign that the drainage pipe might be blocked. Smells are another sign. If you’re smelling rotten eggs, then odds are your sewage line has a block. Finally, if you’ve got, wet spots in your yard it could be that the line has been ruptured at that point and is leaking into your yard.

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