More Garbage Disposal Don’ts

A few months back we posted about some things you don’t want to throw down your garbage disposal and since it was so well received, we here at S.O.S. Plumbing thought we’d discuss a few garbage disposal don’ts. These problems fall into a few broad categories.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts- Wrap Around Fibers

We briefly mentioned eggshells last time and for good reason. People throw these down the disposal thinking that they will sharpen the blades. In fact, eggshells will result in damage to your shredder ring, eggshell membranes will wrap around the ring, and the shells will clog your pipes once they’ve been ground up.

Asparagus is a fibrous vegetable and its strands will also wrap around the blades and damage your motor. Celery is going to cause the same problem as will corn husks, artichokes, and carrots.

Want to sharpen your blades? Use some ice cubes instead!

More Garbage Disposal Don'ts | S.O.S. Plumbing

Garbage Disposal Clogs

The other major category is clogs. Grease is a notorious problem child for garbage disposals and drains in general. It goes down as a liquid but as it cools it hardens and forms a blockage. If you’ve made this error, throw some chunks of lemon down your disposal as a natural degreaser.

Fruit pits just laugh at garbage disposals. In addition to clogging your pipe badly enough that you need to replace them, they’ll also take a toll on the blades. If you put flour into the disposal, the powder will form a paste as it meets the water and lead to further clogging. Rice and chia seeds will expand, once they’ve sat in water long enough, to create a large clog.

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