Dishwasher Installation

S.O.S. Plumbing installs dishwashers! Even while washing dishes by hand doesn’t seem to onerous, if you’ve ever had to wash a lot of dishes you’ve no doubt realized that dishwashers are one of the greatest devices ever invented. After all, they let you load them up you can just push a few buttons and walk away.

There are all sorts of different dishwashers on the market and no doubt, you’ve taken the time to research and decide what kind fits your needs. Unfortunately, unless you’re very handy odds are you won’t want to be installing it yourself. This is particularly the case if you don’t already have a dishwasher in place that you’re simply swapping out.

What does Dishwasher Installation involve?

There are several steps involved in a dishwasher installation. Even if you’ve got an old one and are just swapping out you might need to replace some hosing or even resize the area if you picked up a larger model. For a brand-new installation usually, we’ll prep the region by marking a location to put a hole in the cabinet, verify the location and fit, then pull it out and get to work.

We need to cut a hole for supply and discharge and then get started on connecting lines. Our next step is to run the tubing, supply, and power and ensure that the dishwasher is in place and level. After that we make sure everything can be hooked together, through carefully measuring and cutting and check for leaks and tighten any connections. We’ll have to install a side inlet for the drain connections and cut more hose to make sure it is the right fit. The last step is to hook up the power and make sure it works.

Sound Easy?

If the above sounded easy, hats off to you. For most folks this is an incredibly involved installation with a number of steps where things could go drastically wrong. For those that don’t feel totally comfortable doing all the above, you’re best off contacting S.O.S. Plumbing to get your new dishwasher sorted out.

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