Coachella Valley Water Misconceptions

Living here in the Coachella Valley means that there are some sharp disputes over water usage and politics, but we would rather explore plumbing issues related to S.O.S. Plumbing and Coachella Valley water, like hard water and the water’s smell.

Coachella Valley Water Misconceptions Based on Look and Smell

Sometimes your water is going to look, smell, or taste odd. Most of the time that isn’t a need for you to call a plumber. Some common Coachella Valley water misconceptions are things like cloudy water. This is usually caused by tiny air bubbles caused by high pressurization that are harmless and will dissipate after some time.

Particles in your water can be caused by use of fire hydrants and repairs to pipes and will go away if you flush your system. Chlorine scents are part of the disinfectant process for water and aren’t a problem. However, if you smell a rotten egg or sulfur smell from your water you probably should call us because it may be caused by an issue with your water heater.

Coachella Valley Water Misconceptions | S.O.S. Plumbing

Deposits and Hard Water

Hardness of water is based on the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water and while these are common minerals found in Coachella Valley groundwater, most folks living in the area are not experiencing hard water. However, some folks do. So, what can you do about hard water? Well, if you want to investigate softening your water, you can consider a water softener.

However, the Coachella Valley Water District is very concerned about the amount of salt that is discharged down the drain. If you think you have hard water and want to soften it, you should certainly contact us because many types of softener are not approved for use in the area.

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