Cleaning a Garbage Disposal

Here at S.O.S. we’ve talked a lot of about kitchen sinks and especially disposals. The reason is that these are part of some of the most frequent problems that we encounter. With that in mind, we thought we’d talk about the best way to get a disposal clean. At S.O.S plumbing, we know a clean garbage disposal is less likely to cause you any issues further down the road.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal Step One

Cleaning the garbage disposal is going to require, first and foremost, safety. You will need some white vinegar, baking soda, boiling water, ice, sea salt, and lemon. To start, sprinkle half a cup of baking soda down the disposal. Next, add a cup of white vinegar and let it fizz and make a bit of noise. Let it sit for a few minutes. Now take a kettle of boiling water and pour it down the drain.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal Step Two

Fill your drain with two cups of ice. Pour a cup of salt over the ice cubes. If you’ve got rock salt, so much the better. Run some cold water and turn on the garbage disposal. Run it until the ice is gone. This mixture of ice and salt will help to loosen up the grime and debris from the grinding elements.

Cleaning a Garbage Disposal | S.O.S. Plumbing

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal Step Three

To finish the cleaning of the disposal, you’ll need to cut the lemon (or a lime if that’s how you roll) in half. Turn on the water and run the garbage disposal. Toss in the fruit halves one at a time. That’ll clean and deodorize the drain.

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